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8 Tips For Improving Your Persuading And Influencing Skills In Procurement

Negotiating with suppliers, dealing with stakeholders; procurement professionals are faced with the need to persuade and influence people on a regular basis. Whether you are negotiating better budgets for your team or better prices for your contracts, knowing how to work the situation to your advantage is extremely valuable. So how can you fine-tune your influencing skills and make negotiations work in your favor?

Find A Common Ground

It’s one of the age-old ways of making a human connection with someone; finding something in common. It could be anything from disgust at the bad weather/elation at the brilliant weather, a shared interest, anything that shows you empathize with them in some way. That feeling of being connected in some way can then be used as a springboard to building trust.

Show How You Can Solve Their Problem

Before pitching your new proposed contract, first, consider how it’s going to benefit the supplier. What problems is it likely to solve for them? You could find this out through research, but you may also need to ask some questions and think on your feet during the negotiation.

Once you know their main problems/concerns, you can show how your proposal will solve them and benefit the supplier.

Be Ready For An Argument

There will always be reasons for the supplier or stakeholder to oppose your pitch. Be ready for these common complaints with a series of answers that counter them. Try to look at your pitch from the receiving end before you go in there and consider all the arguments that could arise against it. Now consider how you can respond to persuade them to be for it, not against it.

Persist, Persist and Persist Some More

Keep reaching out to those people that aren’t yet on board with your proposal. For fear of annoying people, we often hold back when someone says no the first or second time. But persistence often leads to a win if you time it correctly and take the right approach.

Circumstances often change, so regularly reaching out to people who have previously been reluctant can mean a change of heart.

Research Is Key

People care about themselves, no matter how much they deny it. So take the time to research the key people you will be dealing with during your negotiation. Use your newfound knowledge of them to connect on a personal level.

It could help you to find that common ground mentioned in point one. People will also warm to you knowing that you have taken the time and interest in their life/work. This will make them more open to what you have to say.

It’s also impressive to business people if you remember things they spoke about when you last saw them. Whenever you learn something about a person, such as their favorite restaurant, their kid’s and partner’s names, where they were going on holiday, take note. Keep a database of information like this along with your research and refer to it whenever you next meet that person. It will deepen your connection with them and make them warm to you.

Use The Person’s Name

It’s a very basic, sub-conscious response when you hear your own name to become more responsive. Some of the most persuasive leaders in the world will work a person’s name into the conversation just enough to build their ego but not enough that it appears obvious. Try it in your next negotiation and see how the person’s response differs.

“Mirror” The Person

It’s been revealed by numerous studies that we not only communicate through our words but through our bodies as well. Body language can be a key part of our influencing skills and how a person reacts to what you are saying.

Salespeople are taught to use a technique called “mirroring” to build trust between themselves and the customer. This involves analyzing the customer’s body language and subtly adjusting your own to match it in certain ways. This helps to build rapport with the person you are talking to, which will then make it easier to persuade them.

It’s All About Confidence

Being confident, but not arrogant, in business is key to success. If you demonstrate confidence in yourself and what you are saying, this will encourage people to feel confident in you/what you are proposing too.

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What Great Leaders Do

What does a leader look like? Think of two leaders, famous or not, whom you admire and respect. What do they do that is so different? What traits do they have that help them excel at a high level? Leadership is not a great mystery. Great leaders have specific traits in common. These traits can be learned and developed—by you! As a leader, you need to understand the specific traits that will help you achieve a high level of leadership success. Here are ten tips to help you identify what you as a leader must do.

Look again at the two leaders you identified. Go through each one of the points listed below and notice how they do each one.

Great leaders lead by example with an overriding guiding vision or purpose.

They possess an unquenchable passion for successfully implementing the vision of the company regardless of the disapproval of those individuals who fail to see the bigger picture. They don’t waste time worrying about day-to-day responsibilities or problems. Instead, they focus on where the organization needs to go.

Great leaders know how to be themselves and are proud of who they are.

Because they are comfortable with who they are, they can do what they need to do and say what they need to say with conviction — and without caring about what anyone else thinks.

Great leaders have the ability to inspire confidence in others.

They can clearly and concisely communicate their message to motivate those around them to greater heights of achievement. People will do more for leaders they respect than they would do for anyone else.

Great leaders are never self-serving.

Unlike the star employee, they aren’t focused on proving themselves but are focused unconditionally (and not selfishly) on what is best for the organization. They put their vision for the company above their own interests.

Great leaders rarely question themselves.

Instead, they listen to their inner voice and trust it completely, allowing it to be their guide with each step they take, even as they move in directions that no one has gone before. To be a great leader, you must believe in this voice and trust that it will always be there to guide you.

Great leaders know when to take advice.

They value support from others and bring others into their circle who can provide the counsel they need. They realize how large their tasks are and find the resources and people they need to generate support, which is vital for success. You can develop your top talent by providing them with coaches and mentors so that they have support when they need it.

Great leaders possess the foresight to move ahead, even in the most questionable times.

They take risks and realize the importance of moving forward—daring themselves and others to venture out in new directions. They realize this is part of their responsibility and not something they can turn their backs on. Once they realize the vision, they rise to the occasion and take the necessary risks required for implementation.

Great leaders love what they do and communicate their passion to others.

They exude passionate energy that rubs off on others around them. They have a light, effortless, and clear persona that is projected to everyone they meet because they are so in tune with their work. Others feel this and want to be a part of the vision that the leader is bringing forward.

Great leaders learn to lead by following.

They trust those who are in authority above them and are loyal to them. They are inspired by the vision that is being passed on to them and may even notice themselves liking and wanting to be more like their leaders and managers.

Great leaders never quit.

They embrace and overcome any obstacles, personal or otherwise, that stand in their way. Thus, they need to do the necessary work on themselves to prevent anything from holding them and eliminate habits that are keeping them from being the best leader possible.

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What Is Time Management?

“Time management” is the process of organizing and planning how to divide your time between specific activities. Good time management enables you to work smarter – not harder – so that you get more done in less time, even when time is tight and pressures are high. Failing to manage your time damages your effectiveness and causes stress.

t seems that there is never enough time in the day. But, since we all get the same 24 hours, why is it that some people achieve so much more with their time than others? The answer lies in good time management.

The highest achievers manage their time exceptionally well. By using the time-management techniques in this section, you can improve your ability to function more effectively – even when time is tight and pressures are high.

Good time management requires an important shift in focus from activities to results: being busy isn’t the same as being effective. (Ironically, the opposite is often closer to the truth.)

Spending your day in a frenzy of activity often achieves less, because you’re dividing your attention between so many different tasks. Good time management lets you work smarter – not harder – so you get more done in less time.

What Is Time Management?

“Time management” refers to the way that you organize and plan how long you spend on specific activities.

It may seem counter-intuitive to dedicate precious time to learning about time management, instead of using it to get on with your work, but the benefits are enormous:

  • Greater productivity and efficiency.
  • A better professional reputation.
  • Less stress.
  • Increased opportunities for advancement.
  • Greater opportunities to achieve important life and career goals.

Failing to manage your time effectively can have some very undesirable consequences:

  • Missed deadlines.
  • Inefficient workflow.
  • Poor work quality.
  • A poor professional reputation and a stalled career.
  • Higher stress levels.

Spending a little time learning about time-management techniques will have huge benefits now – and throughout your career.

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Network Marketing Hacks

You’ve got your own tried-and-true methods for generating leads and attracting good employees. But like any astute small business owner, you’re always looking for new and better ways to network. The following network marketing hacks can give you a leg up:

Don’t Just Post, Dialogue

You post religiously on your business Facebook account, and your Pinterest wall is an ever-changing collage. But today’s consumers want more than just content – they want a conversation. It’s how they bond with your brand, so remember to engage and stay connected.

Monitor your feeds for posts you can pounce on. Be thankful to people who praise your products and gracious to those who don’t. Sometimes the most cantankerous customer can do a complete one-eighty if you treat him or her right. And when you do, everyone else can see that you’re customer service conscious.

Be Your Own Spokesperson

Are you personable, knowledgeable about your business, and interested in connecting with customers and prospects? Of course, you are! So, get out from behind your logo and put a face to your business’ name. At the end of the day, people connect with people, and there are more ways to do so now than ever before.

Create a YouTube channel and use it to provide promotional spots to potential customers. If you’re a natural spokesperson, terrific, but even if you’re not, appearing confident on-camera is something most people can master. These tips can help make you the winning face of your brand and business.

Lead With Your Brain

No one knows your industry and business the way you do, so why not put this vast catalog of knowledge to work generating leads? If you’re an interior designer, host a workshop on selecting colors for seasonal changes. If you build custom bicycles, invite riders in for a clinic on maintenance. It’s called being a thought leader, and it’s one sure path to building a following.

Other ways to establish yourself as a thought leader include publishing white papers, being a go-to resource for local reporters when news about your industry occurs, and speaking at business engagements or local colleges. Here are some additional tips from success.com that can also raise your profile as an industry expert.

Always Be Recruiting

Most small business owners only recruit when they have a vacant position to fill. If you think about it, the disadvantage is double when it’s done this way. Not only are you down an employee, but you also have little control of the hiring timeline.

The solution to this dilemma is to keep your recruiting hat on at all times. When you’re on a sales call, let your customers know you’re on the lookout for good prospects. Spread the word at your neighborhood cookout. Even if you don’t have a position to fill, always be building a database of potential candidates. This way, when someone leaves – especially if it’s on short notice – you won’t be caught off guard.

Network marketing tactics have changed over the years with the advent of social media and the emergence of technology. But one aspect of it will always endure. If you keep at it and keep an open mind, it will always pay off in the long run.

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7 Basic Network Marketing Skills You Need to Master

7 Basic Network Marketing Skills You Need to Master

True story: How 6th Grade Football Defeat Taught Me Success

When I was in 6th grade, I played football for The Cowboys in the youth football league in Lubbock, Texas. Our coach was amazingly smart. He had played football in college and was a real student of the game.

He taught us all kinds of advanced “trick” plays… double reverses, double passes, fake punts, fake snaps, on-side kicks, and others I can’t even remember. We would spend hour upon hour attempting to master these trick plays and, as kids, we were super excited to learn them.

We were actually a force to be reckoned with. If memory serves, we won every game and made it to the playoffs. We won the first game or two and then had to play The Panthers. The Panthers were undefeated and, being a great coach, our coach scouted them out to learn their plan of attack.

When he prepared us for the big game, what was fascinating was that the coach told us they were the most basic team he’d ever seen.

They ran only about 5 or 6 plays (we had dozens), no trick plays, and they never attempted a fake snap. If you don’t know American football, that’s when the offense tries to draw the defense offsides (making them draw a penalty) by not hiking the ball when the quarterback says “hut”. Sometimes a quarterback will say hut 2, 3 or 4 times before the ball gets snapped. The Panthers quarterback just said “Ready, set, go” and they snapped the ball every time.

I played middle linebacker so I knew all I had to do was be ready for the 5 or 6 plays they would be running over and over. I remember wondering how the heck these guys could be undefeated being so basic.

That is, until the end of the first quarter when we were behind 21-0.

It was true that they ran only a few plays over and over. But DAMN if they didn’t execute on them flawlessly every time. I had never been so frustrated in any game because I essentially KNEW what was coming, but because they were so strong, so fast, and blocked so perfectly, we just couldn’t stop them.

The rest of the game didn’t get much better. They crushed us and I’ve blocked the final score out of my memory.

You see, their coach had a completely different philosophy than ours. Rather than focusing on fancy tactics and tricks, he taught his team to obsessively focus on the basics much more than any other team in the league. We were what I would consider to be really “good” at dozens of plays while they had “mastery” of just a few.

What’s the moral of the story?

7 Basic Skills You Should Master if You Want to be Successful in Network Marketing

If you want to win the MLM Super Bowl, you better damn sure have mastery of the basic skills.

The good news is, there are only seven:

  • Prospecting
  • Inviting
  • Presenting
  • Following up & closing
  • Getting new reps started
  • Promoting events
  • Training

Yes it’s true that there are plenty of “trick plays” in network marketing… many of which I teach in my 7 week video coaching program called M-School.

But where my coaching program shines, and why it receives DAILY testimonies, is because I get you laser sharp on mastering the 7 basic skills. The trick plays and advances strategies are fun to know, but if you want to win the super bowl, you better know the basics and be able to teach the basics.

If you’d like a taste of the best core network marketing training program in our profession, come hop into week #1 with me and let’s start your Super Bowl journey

Let’s do BIG things!

Matt Morris

Top Network Marketing Leader

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9 Ways to Develop Your Leadership Skills

The prospect of advancing to the top of one's field is what makes it possible for many people to keep plugging away at their jobs, honing their skills, and taking on new projects. But after a certain point, career development depends on more than technical skills and a willingness to work hard. You also need a few soft skills, not the least of which is the ability to take on a leadership role.

Some people are natural leaders, but anyone can develop the skill set needed with some practice. If you want to take your career as far as it can go, then you have to be willing to put in the work. Here are 9 strategies to help you develop your leadership skills and keep advancing your career.  

Find out your ideal leadership style based on your personality here: Which of These Leadership Styles Is Right For You? (Decision Tree)

Practice discipline

A good leader needs discipline. Developing discipline in your professional (and personal) life is a must to be an effective leader, and to inspire others to be disciplined as well. People will judge your capacity to lead by the amount of discipline you display at work. 

Demonstrate discipline at work by always meeting deadlines, keeping appointments, and ending meetings on time. If you are naturally disorganized, then you may have your work cut out for you, but you can always start small: try implementing good habits at home, like waking up early and getting daily exercise, and work your way up from there. 

Take on more projects

A great way to develop your leadership skills is to take on more responsibility. You don't have to take on more than you can handle, but you do need to do more than simply what's covered in your job description if you want to grow. Stepping out of your comfort zone is the only way you will learn anything new, and doing so will get you noticed by executives as someone who takes initiative. 

Learn to follow

A true leader has no problem yielding control to another person when appropriate. You should not feel threatened when someone disagrees with you, questions your thinking, or puts forth ideas of their own. Keep an open mind and give merit where merit is due. It won't always be easy, but if you learn to value and respect others on your team, they'll be more likely to step up to the plate for you. 

Develop situational awareness

A mark of a good leader is someone who can see the bigger picture, and anticipate problems before they occur. This is a valuable skill to have when handling complex projects with tight deadlines. The ability to foresee and provide suggestions for avoiding potential problems is invaluable for a leader. This ability also helps you recognize opportunities that others overlook, which will certainly earn you recognition.  

Inspire others

Being a leader means you are part of a team, and as a leader, you should be able to motivate and inspire those you work with to collaborate as best they can. When a team member needs encouragement or guidance, offer it. Sometimes, all a person needs is someone to listen and be sympathetic. 

Keep learning

The best path to becoming a good leader is to always keep learning new things. It keeps your mind sharp, and your skills fresh. It primes you for new challenges that may come your way, which is always a good thing in a leader.

Empower your teammates

No one is the best at everything, and the sooner you realize that the sooner you can learn to be a good leader. Delegating tasks to others not only frees you up for things you do well, but it also empowers other people on your team. 

Resolve conflicts

Don't be a manager from hell! Not everyone will get along all the time. Instead of ignoring interpersonal conflicts, hoping they will go away, address them by talking to those involved privately. Also, be open to reassigning team members if the conflict can't be resolved. 

Be a discerning listener

Becoming a leader doesn't mean you always have to be in the spotlight. An important trait of a good leader is someone who listens to suggestions, ideas, and feedback from other people and builds on them. Good listeners know that communication is not only about words, but picking up on non-verbal cues, such as eye contact and body language. 

Good leadership skills are essential to advancing your career, but as you can see, leadership is much more than simply being in charge. As American statesman John Quincy Adams said, "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader."

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How the Pros Succeed in Network Marketing Fast

Everyone would love to experience fast success. Watching weekly bonus checks roll in is pretty awesome. But what does it take to make that happen?

Understanding how to grow fast in network marketing isn’t that hard. WHAT you need to do is probably already nicely laid out by your company.

How do I know?

I’ve created many business starter kits, quick start guides, and other business-building materials for several successful network marketing companies to help people launch their business the right way. I also have reached higher than the top 1 percent in rank in the network marketing company I’ve been partnered with for seven years.

Here are four crucial things you need to do consistently if you want to see fast success in your business.

Set a Specific Goal

How do you know if you are successful in your network marketing business if you don’t have a goal?

You have to be able to measure your success. Set a goal that will require some sacrifice, focus, and consistent work. But make sure your goal isn’t impossible.

Most people think about an amount of money that would make a significant difference, usually around $500 to $1,000 per month.

However (and this is a BIG however), keep in mind that you are building a business, and that takes TIME. Don’t just “give it a try” or “see how it goes.”

If that’s your plan for success, then don’t bother getting started.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t make a good amount of money quickly, but don’t set a time limit for success. DO set a specific goal, but don’t limit your success.

Even though this is a business, you need to treat it like a job first. Do the up-front work that builds the long-term passive.

Write your goal down and keep it in areas where you will see it often: bathroom mirror, computer lock screen, on your phone, in your wallet or purse, in your car, etc.

You’ll be surprised at how powerful this is. Goals become so much more real if you write them down and look at them often.

It’s also important to track your progress along the way. There WILL be ups and downs, but tracking your actions and results is critical to have fast success in network marketing.

Surround Yourself with Successful Team Leaders and Coaches

This is probably the most important thing you can do outside of specific action steps.

Get to know your team coaches and mentors. Find out how you can help them, and just be around them as often as you can.

You might be rolling your eyes at this, but the importance of getting around successful people is immeasurable. Watch them. Learn from them. Take notes. Ask them questions.

The best way to do that: offer to help at local meetings and business presentations. Set up chairs and tables. Help take down furniture.

Be of service to them FIRST. Trust me, leaders are ALWAYS looking for hungry people who want to succeed.

You can’t help but soak up tips, mindset, and attitude when you are consistently around successful people. Find a “running buddy” who will act as your accountability partner. This gives you someone to bounce ideas off of and set small goals with.

Design a Clear Three-Month Action Plan

Set a three-month goal, and build backward from there.

Let’s say your goal at the end of three months is to earn a total of $2,500. That’s an average of $833 per month and about $200 per week.

That’s a pretty attainable goal, but one that will certainly require consistent effort.

Next, break down your action plan into weekly and then daily goals.

Many network marketing companies have weekly bonuses and monthly bonuses paid for reaching specific goals. Figure out what you need to do to generate up-front bonuses that will equal $200 per week.

How many customers do you personally need to acquire? How many new team members do you personally need to sponsor or have come into your business every week to generate $200?

A big “secrets to success” in network marketing is that it’s just a numbers game. Once you figure out your goal, just break down the specific action steps you need to take every day and every week to hit those goals.

Invite Two People per Day to Look at the Business Opportunity

OK, so I’m sorta making this number up, but it’s a pretty common goal for fast success in the network marketing industry. And there’s a good reason why…

Inviting two people per day to take a look at your business opportunity is 60 people per month, which is 180 people in three months (remember the three-month action plan). If you had a 10 percent success rate, that would add 18 new business partners within three months.

Of course, some days you will do more, some days you will do less. The point is to keep it consistent. In the beginning, you might do 10 per day.

Check out eight effective network marketing invitation scrips here.

Speed equals duplication in network marketing. And fast duplication is the best way to have fast success.

Since you’re inviting and following up with so many people, you’ll have to keep track of it all. Use a spreadsheet, written list, or an app on your phone. If you want to succeed fast, you have to keep track of your action. You can’t just keep it all in your head.

Follow up with people within 24 hours. Focus on people who want to work, and help them create duplication.

For more recruiting tips, check out my full course detailing a five-part network marketing recruiting success system that you can apply to any business.

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In this episode, I share 5 simple online marketing strategies that you can implement today to start getting more of the right people in front of your business, products, or services.

Are you frustrated with the gap that exists between your network marketing company training and what your business actually needs in order to thrive and grow?

Typically, when you get started in Network Marketing, the training mantra will be “go out and talk to more people” but they don’t actually teach you any online marketing strategies that can help you find “more people” to talk to.

And I get it, it’s hard to teach marketing on a mass scale. You have people from all walks of life coming into Network Marketing companies and they all have different backgrounds and levels of education.

So, they keep the training very basic and watered down. The only way to grow a business is to market it.

There’s no way around it.

And if you want to generate a thriving 6-figure income in network marketing, you’re going to have to learn some online marketing strategies. After all, every business on this planet has to market in some way, shape, or form.

In this episode, I’ll be sharing 5 simple online marketing strategies that will help you attract the right people for your business, products, or services.

With every episode of Tanya Aliza TV, I like to empower you with a FREE resource that you can download and implement right away.

In this episode, I’ve got something really special for you. It’s a FREE Live Master Class where I pull the curtains back and show you the 5 simple online marketing strategies I use in my own business to bring in tons of leads and sales into my business on a weekly basis.

These are the same strategies I use that helped me become one of the top 3 enrollers in my Network Marketing Company.

You don’t want to miss this class.

Click on the yellow button above and get yourself registered and ready to bridge that gap in your business.

My philosophy around the business is very simple. Work Smarter – Not Harder.

I’ve got a pretty good work ethic but I also like to travel and enjoy my life. Therefore, I’ve automated a lot of my business processes.

The right means of marketing can help you automate your business. This won’t happen overnight but over time it will, and trust me, it’s pretty cool when it does.

That should be your goal for your business too unless you want to spend all day in front of your computer, which I’m pretty sure you don’t;-)

So, to close that gap that you might be experiencing by the lack of online marketing training, I’ll be showing you some simple internet marketing strategies that will help automate and grow your business.

So, let’s dive right in.


If you’re not already sharing photos on Facebook that are relevant to your product, service, or business, you might want to start using this marketing strategy immediately. The reason these strategy works is those photo albums are one of the most viewed pieces of content on social media.

Also, people are naturally nosy and will look at your photo albums when there checking out your Facebook page. Your job is to give them something juicy to look at. Something that will intrigue their curiosity.

Here’s how this strategy works:

Let’s say you have a weight loss solution that has been working quite well for a lot of people. You or your team might have a library full of testimonial photos or before and after stories.

You start sharing those photos on a consistent basis and you add them to a photo album. For example, you can create a photo album called ‘Before and After.’ Then every time you create a photo related to your product, you can go ahead and tag it to that specific photo album.

Be sure to add a call to action to go along with your photo and encourage people to either connect with you directly to learn more.

However, if you share a link on your post, make sure it takes them to a lead magnet or capture form.

Whatever you do, do not send them to your companies replicated website.

If you aren’t familiar with this strategy or want to learn more about how to post your photos on Facebook the right way, you’ll want to read this blog post that shows you the exact formula you’ll want to be following so that your posts get more eyeballs and engagement from your audience.


Done right, using Facebook ads is, by far, the most powerful and effective marketing strategy you can use to quickly grow your business. If you’re not using Facebook or you don’t have a Facebook Page you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to take your business to the next level.

Creating Facebook ads is an awesome way of finding those “perfect” customers or potential business partners. You can keep it simple by just boosting your posts right from your Facebook page.

However, if you don’t have a Facebook page you’ll need to create one first. If you don’t know how to do that or you’re just not sure where to start, I’ll leave a resource at the very bottom of this post that’s designed to show you how to use Facebook more effectively for your business.


If you’ve been following my blog for some time now, you know I’m a big FAN of doing Youtube videos.

I love using Youtube videos as part of my marketing strategy.

You can go viral super fast if you’re doing a video.

Here’s what’s so powerful about doing video. By the time you see the video that’s on this blog post, I’m probably on the beach sipping Margaritas.

With video, you record it once and it goes viral to thousands of people without it requiring your presence. With traditional network marketing strategies, you can only be in front of a handful of people at once.

How many times would you have to leave your home to get in front of thousands of people? Now that’s the power of automation. BOOM!


Want to attract a hungry mob of interested prospects for your business, products, or services?

Then consider adding blogging to your online marketing strategy. The benefits of blogging for your business are many.

In fact, blogs are recognized as one of the top social media platforms on the web today. Having a blog and consistently blogging (at least once a week) will increase your credibility and authority with your audience.

If done properly, it will also generate hundreds of leads for your business on a daily basis. If you’re an entrepreneur and you want to earn a 6 or 7-figure income, then blogging is an absolute must for your business.


How many people can you fit in your living room for a home business presentation? A handful of people, right? How many can you get to an online webinar?


And that’s why webinars are such a powerful marketing strategy.

I’ve been doing webinars for years now and one of the coolest things about doing Webinars is that you can promote them via your Blog, Youtube or Social Media and get the exposure that is ten-fold.

Imagine the number of people you can help and impact with your product, service, or business if you start doing Webinars.

In closing, the training your network marketing company provides is fine if all you want is some extra cash coming in.

But if you started your business because you want to live a life full of time and financial freedom, then you’ll need to invest some time in learning some online marketing strategies that can help your business grow by leaps and bounds.

Click on the yellow button below and get registered for my Free Live Master Class.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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9 Powerful “MLM Recruiting” Techniques For Massive Growth

Do you want to become an MLM recruiting machine? If you are a network marketer and desire to succeed in this industry, you must master how to sponsor, build, manage, and grow your business.

What I mean is, in network marketing, you can have as many products from your company as possible, retail and use some, and practically have a big retail business.

However, if you cannot leverage and capture network marketing benefits and grow your business, you cannot succeed or grow in this industry.

The power of network marketing is the ability to build your system and move more products and services through the network.

To succeed in network marketing, you must master the art of MLM recruiting and convert your prospects into your business.

Some people are lucky to get many friends and family and grow their business, while others recruit at will and bring as many individuals as possible.

We have those who can get massive amounts of people in their business and succeed in whatever network marketing company they join.

Let’s discuss the top 9 Powerful “MLM Recruiting” Techniques For Massive Growth.

  1. Make A Decision

Make a decision that you will master this and not give up. Decide to learn and develop the skills to recruit. Decide to pass your fear of talking to people and come out of your shell.

Your decisions should be more significant than your fears and insecurities. Even if you are an introvert, decide to prioritize and do it whenever you choose.

2. Develop A Recruiting Mindset

If you joined a network marketing company, it means something drew you to it. It could be the products and services or the compensation plan or to work with the outstanding people.

It is enough motivation to encourage you to develop an MLM Recruiting mindset to grow this business. You should develop an entrepreneurial mindset and be ready to approach people with your opportunity without fear.

Don’t sound apologetic about it. Be brave and know that you are trying to share a splendid gift with someone. If you ever want to be an entrepreneur and work from home, network marketing is an excellent way to start.

You need little to build your empire gradually, hence a great medium to use.

Never forget that network marketing is not only selling products and services; it also involves prospecting, recruiting, training, follow-ups, accounting, and so much more. You can make it a full-time job if you develop the mindset required and invest your time and energy in it.

3. Make Friends

Successful MLM recruiters and 6 figure earners in network marketing have one thing in common; they make as many friends as possible, even before they are successful in their business.

Making friends and building relationships with people is essential in network marketing as it helps raise your level of awareness. Join groups and share hobbies or activities with people so you can build relationships with them.

You can also achieve this through the various social media platforms or even the bartender at your favorite bar.

Making friends does not mean recruiting or prospecting all of them. It only means interacting and sharing great content to make them like, trust, or get attracted to you.

4. Develop Positive Daily Habits

Strive to develop positive daily habits each day. It could be by connecting with at least 1 or 2 people each day in your network.

Call them, send a message, or comment on their post on social media. Try to let them know you care or exist.

Another positive habit could be introducing your business opportunity or products to at least one person in your network every day.

Continue building a positive mindset and your personal development. You can achieve this through educative webinars, training, articles, and books to help in your personal growth and expand the vision.

Be a slave to one of these positive habits that will help you become a prolific MLM recruiting star. Progress is perfection, and you will change if you keep these positive daily habits entirely.

5. Always Be Prepared

Always prepare yourself with videos or brochures or DVDs or articles to share with someone who might be interested in your business to be a successful network marketer or entrepreneur.

Carry them all around and be ready to share them where ever you go with your new friends. It could be in your car, wallet, bag, a USB key, an app, or a file. Whatever it may be, always be ready and have it handy to share when it is needed.

These are some habits of master MLM recruiters. Be prepared to share their business-related items when it is necessary. It can be an email or a PDT after having a conversation with a prospect to enlighten them better about your opportunity or products. Always be ready at all times.

6. Tell Good Stories

All successful network marketers are wonderful storytellers. You should be able to collect and tell good stories to encourage people to join your business. It could be stories about your upline, downline, company, products, or compensation plan.

You should be able to retain and share all the stories involved in your business with your prospects. The more stories you share about your company or industry with people, the more you expose your business opportunity to the world and attract more people.

MLM Recruiting stars in network marketing are wonderful storytellers and tell wonderful stories to recruit people to your business.

7. Listen And Ask Question

Talking and selling can be challenging, and the only way you can understand your prospect’s needs and wants is to ask questions.

Many marketers do not listen and ask the right question. They are more focused on talking about their compensation plan, products, and services and how their company is excellent than asking their prospects the right questions.

If you ask the right questions, you will understand them better and have a better approach to introducing your business opportunity and recruiting them. Sadly, 97% of network marketers do this; hence, the reason most fail.

8. Enthusiasm

MLM recruiting stars are always active and enthusiastic. They are continuously pumped up, vibrant, energetic, and bring a positive aura to them. Positivity and enthusiasm are infectious, and this attribute attracts people.

Think about the enthusiastic people in your life. I know you have a smile on your face now. That is the spirit to have when you are a network marketer so that people feel comfortable around you and have a smile on their faces when they think about you.

9. Have Big Dreams

One of the great attributes of successful entrepreneurs is having a big dream, nurturing them every day, and staying steadfast despite their surroundings.

Think outrageous and dream of massive success and goals.

Have a bigger vision and a bigger game plan.

Decide to be faster and more reliable and decide to recruit more and grow exponentially.

To conclude, some people do not know how to sponsor or get people because they do not know how to lead or manage them.

Besides these eight steps, you must be ready to be a leader. Not everyone is born a leader, but you can learn to be one and start building momentum to recruit many people and lead them.

I hope you got some value from this post, and it will delight me to get your feedback and comments below. Thanks for reading!

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1 year ago
7 Tips for Network Marketing Success

Network marketing and direct selling have seen a rise in popularity over the last few years as more and more people have opened up to the idea. At its simplest, direct selling is when a company sells its products to the customer via its distributors. Qnet India has been a leader when it comes to the direct selling industry in India and has helped many people find success and financial happiness.

While direct selling at its simplest is very easy, gaining widespread success and profits from it requires you to improve your network marketing skills. Here are my tips for stepping up your network marketing skill and to improve your network.

  1. Choosing the company wisely

Research about the company that you intend to join.

There are a few things that one should keep in mind before choosing an opportunity that presents itself. These include the age and status of the company, the products that they are selling and its benefits, how much you will be made out of a sale and how the internal network of the company work. You should also keep an eye for the trends of the company and where it is headed, and if they provide the necessary training and support. Mentors are a very important part of finding success through direct selling and network marketing.

2. Practising what you have been taught

Mentors can help you a lot in the beginning of your journey.

Like mentioned above, mentors are an important part of finding success through direct marketing. You should be ready to listen and learn from your mentors. The structure of network marketing companies is such that everyone must help everyone else in order to achieve success. This means that your mentors are willing to help and train you as it is in their best interest as well. Whatever your mentor did to succeed, you can replicate to achieve the same.

3. Evaluate the ones above

The people above you in your network is called the ‘upline’. Are they supportive? Do they call you and help you when you need it? Are they as committed to your success as you are to theirs? All these are important questions you should ask when deciding to join a direct marketing company. Mutual help and assistance are essential if you wish to find success through direct marketing.

4. Invest in your downline

Spend time to train your recruits.

When somebody is brought into the network but gets no training or assistance as the person who brought him in is too busy with gaining for downline, he is known as an ‘orphan’ in the industry. Like said multiple times above, your success is dependent on your recruit’s success as well. You should be willing to invest time and effort on the people you recruit. You should make sure that they are comfortable and ready to stand on their own feet before trying to get more people.

5. Effective use of the internet

With the developments in the internet and technology, growing your network and managing it has become easier than ever. The uses of the internet and social media when it comes to improving any business, let alone your direct selling one, is unbelievable and requires a list of its own.

Internet has helped direct sellers reach their audience in a better way.

However, if there is one negative to come from how easy the internet has made network and marketing, it is through spams. While advertising and trying to get the attention of your customer is important and necessary for direct selling success, stay away from spamming as it will not only ruin your reputation but also that of the company.

6. Take care of your business

Direct selling is a business like any other and needs to be treated as one. You are the accountant and owner of this business. You should keep records, mark expenses, file taxes and more. If you do not think that you can do it yourself, you can always seek the assistance of a proper accountant or people who specialize in direct selling and network marketing companies.

7. Do not quit your job, yet!

Direct selling and network marketing can make you rich, but it takes a little time. You should build your network and experience as a distributor before quitting your job. One of the best and most attractive features of starting a direct selling business is that you can do it alongside your normal day job. Use it to your full advantage. And once you are confident that you can succeed and wants to put more time and effort into your direct selling business, then you can think about quitting your job.

Joining a direct selling business and getting into network marketing has its perks. But if you wish to find success, there are many things to look out for.

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